ALAM (Association of Lay Women in the Apostolate of Mercy)


          In the family of Mother Rossello the lay women are a presence that has its origins in the days of our Holy Mother Foundress, as revealed in the documents of the time. Giuseppa Ranzani, apostle of the ransom of the little African slaves, is a model for a laywoman who lives in the world, yet is spiritually bound to the Family of Mother Rossello, with whom she shares the mission of mercy.

ALAM Centers

1. Mother of Mercy, Mysuru
2. Dayasadan, Shimoga
3. St.Joseph’s Center,Poomala
4. St.Rossello’s Center,Pakkom
5. Karuna Center, Calicut
6. St.Rossello’s Center,Kanakapally
7. St.Rossello’s Center,Secunderabad
8. Karuna Center,Sangareddy
9. St.Rossello’s Center,Bhandara
10. St.Rossello’s Center, Sadayalputhoor
11. St.Rossello’s Center, Devarapura
12. St.Rossello’s Center, Kanjirapally
13. St.Rossello’s Center, Assangi
14. St.Rossello’s Center, Ayalpatti
15. St.Rossello’s Center, Karunagiri