Blessed Virgin Mary the ‘Dawn’

       Mother Mary is the “Celestial Dawn”. Mary’s birth to the devout couple  Joachim and Anna of David’s Royal lineage in the early first century in a little Galilean town of Nazareth which in Hebrew means “Flower”(Nazar) marked the dawn of our salvation. Her birth heralded the nearing proximity of Jesus the “Sun of Justice” in an unjust world that since centuries awaited its saviour.

Immaculately conceived in view of the infinite merit of Jesus, her son, full of grace and God’s favour, Mary’s birth heralded the unfolding of God’s saving scheme for the erred humanity. God willed Mary to be fair and sinless at the very instant of her conception. The parents of Mary, St. Joachim and St. Anne grieved by their childlessness, prayed to God for a child and finally God heard their prayers by giving them a girl child together with the promise that the child will commence God’s plan of salvation for the world. Kneeling before his adorable Girl Child of adorable radiance, Joachim chose to call her “Lady” which has its Aramic rendering ‘Mariam’ and “Star of the sea” (cfr. Protoevangelium of James).

Mary is filled with gracefulness, purity, gentleness, meekness, humility, surrendering faith in God’s plan.

St. Augustine affirming the strain that Mary is ‘our tainted natures solitary boast connected “Mary’s birth with Jesus’ saving work. He beckoned the earth to rejoice and shine forth in the light of Mary’s birth as ‘She is the flower of the field from whom bloomed the precious Lily of the valley. Through her birth the nature inherited from our first parents is changed.”

Mary occupies a unique role and place in the history of salvation. The most blessed Trinity has reserved for Mary the highest mission ever extolled to any creature. Through her generous “Fiat” to God’s will, salvation has come into the world. For this reason heaven and earth rejoice at her birth. Pope Francis in his first encyclical “Luman Fidei” (Light of Faith-5, July 2013) has called us to gaze upon Mary the perfect icon of faith, as the Mother of Jesus conceived faith and joy. Seeking Mother Mary’s intercession thus prayed the Pope: “ Teach us to see all things with the eyes of Jesus that He may be light for our path and may this light of faith always increase in us until the ‘dawn’ of that undying day which is Christ Himself your Son Our Lord.”

Sr. Rosemary Chittokkalam FdM

The Joy of a Good Conscience

Sr. Mary Mercy FdM

The glory of Mother Rossello

Was her good conscience.

Have a good conscience

You shall always  have joy

           Conscience is the secret core

           The sanctuary of her heart.

           There she is alone with God

           Whose voice echoes in her depths

A good conscience can bear many things

Always joyful in adversity

Her life example testifies

That it is true to her very life

To glory in tribulation

Is not hard for her who loves

That she glorified the Lord

By finding joy in His Cross